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Brass Metal Polishing

About PK Brass and Copper Metal Polishing and restoration Services

Restoring Brass and Copper pieces such as ornaments statues and family heirlooms  through professional metal polishing really brings these fabulous pieces back to vivid life.

Our Brass and Copper Cleaning and Polishing service can be done in house at our Factory in Chipping Norton, or our ONSITE MOBILE Brass & Copper Polishing service which operates in all Sydney Metropolitan areas including Liverpool and Fairfield.

Some Brass and Copper Polishing Applications Include

Brass and Copper Ornament Polishing

Bring your brass and copper ornaments, figurines ect back to their original with our onsite or in house copper and brass polishing services.

Brass Musical Instrument Polishing

Looking and sounding good with our professional brass musical instrument cleaning and polishing. Available onsite or in house.

Brass Trophy and Plaque Polishing

Brass Trophies and Plaque brought back to new, memories rejuvenated and restored.

Brass Door Handle Polishing

Add a little face lift to your home or workplace with our brass polishing services.

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