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Stainless Steel Metal Polishing

About PK Stainless Steel Metal Polishing, Scratch Removal and restoration Services

The Stainless Steel polishing process involves removing build up such as dirt, grime, watermarks, rust and tea stains from the outer layer of Stainless Steel, creating a new smooth surface and protective layer that will inhibit the build up of these issues

Our Stainless Steel Cleaning and Polishing service can be done in house at our Factory in Chipping Norton, or our ONSITE MOBILE Stainless Steel Polishing service which operates in all Sydney Metropolitan areas including Liverpool and Fairfield.

Some Stainless Steel Polishing Applications Include

Stainless Steel Kitchen Cleaning, Polishing and Scratch Removal

Commercial and residential Stainless Kitchen rejuvenation.

Stainless Steel Sinks, Appliances Cleaning, Polishing and Scratch Removal

Dirt and everyday wear and tear can damage the stainless steel. Any contamination of the surface by dirt, or other material, hinders this continual oxidation process and traps corrosives, reducing the metal's corrosion protection. Therefore, cleaning, polishing and maintaining the surfaces of sinks and appliances.

Stainless Steel Balustrade Cleaning, Polishing and Scratch Removal

Mobile, onsite stainless steel balustrade cleaning, polishing and scratch removal service.

Onsite Lift - Elevator Cleaning, Polishing and Scratch Removal

We understand that Stainless Steel Panelled Walls or Lift Doors can come across vandalism, graffiti, finger marks, heavy stains or general scratches.  Don't spend large sums of money replacing panels. At a fraction of the cost of replacing the affected panels, PK Lift Polishing can restore the panels back to a lustrous uniform shine more

Stainless Steel BBQ Cleaning, Polishing and Scratch Removal

Get ready for any occasion with PK’s Mobile cleaning and polishing BBQ service.

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